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I’ll watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. With chips.

We are just two weeks away from one of the most anticipated television events of the year: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I watch every year, and as I do, I look at the models on TV, then look at myself. Look at them, look at me. Let’s just say I’m far from the same look. I’m 5’2’’, so my legs aren’t exactly long. I don’t have blonde hair, and I love me a good burger with fries. And a shake. So yeah, VS isn’t calling me unless it’s to tell me to pay my credit card.

Recently, Bella Hadid, a model who has been walking in the show the past two years, posted a photo to Instagram of her in her bra and underwear as she was being fitted for the show. Hadid was attacked on social media for being too thin. Here’s the thing—God loves Bella Hadid regardless of her size. He doesn’t love her any less for walking the runway in a thong. Hadid, who is naturally thin, is now being criticized for being too much of what she was told to be: skinny. She is surrounded by critics who ultimately will never be satisfied. To them, she will never get it right. She will always be too much of one thing, and never enough of anything else. She will only ever be a body to the critics.

As I watch the show, I see model after model strut her stuff in a way I will never be able to do. But it doesn’t leave me feeling fat or unsexy. In fact, it does the opposite. I feel confident and sexy because I don’t have someone telling me how tiny to be or how desirable to look. I just have my God to please. I know the body I have is the one He gave me. Yes, He would probably be thrilled if I ate fewer carbs and worked out more, but he loves me regardless of my body. If you watch the show this year or find yourself in a comparison game with the airbrushed models wherever we look, allow it to empower you. God loves you exactly how you are and wants you to be healthy, loved, and happy.