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Kanye Changed His Mind, We Can Too

In case you missed it, Kanye West, who had been a big supporter of President Trump and the Republican party, has now denounced all of his previous endorsements for both. This got me thinking—not about Kanye’s political views or President Trump—but instead about the ability to admit when you were wrong about something. My biggest takeaway from this flip-flop by Kanye is the important lesson that it’s never too late to decide that what you believe in is wrong and be willing to change your ways, even if that change is going to be met with a lot of criticism and confusion.

In the Bible, we actually see a perfect example of someone who believed in something so much he was willing to kill for it. Then God changed his heart, and he completely flipped his ideas. In Acts 9:1-19, a man named Saul was so against God that he ordered his men to kill anyone who believed in him. Saul was on his way to kill a group of Christians when he encountered God for the first time. He realized he was wrong. Saul denounced killing Christians, became a follower of Jesus, changed his name to Paul, and went on to write half of the New Testament in the Bible.

Now, I’m not saying that Kanye is choosing the good side by denouncing Trump and politics. But I do think it’s worth checking into our own beliefs. We need to be willing to change when we realize what we say or do doesn’t reflect who we want to be. Our culture constantly wants to corner people into making a choice on a topic and choosing sides, and sometimes we make the wrong decision. There is no shame or guilt in admitting that we chose the wrong side of an argument and deciding to flip to what we think is right.