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Your past doesn’t have to stop you from evolving.

“I believe that when we are trapped by our inability to evolve, by our inability to empathize humbly and painfully with others, then we remain victims ourselves.” - Monica Lewinsky

I imagine after reading that quote that you might be wondering if I added the wrong name, but no, that line of wisdom really is from Monica Lewinsky. Lewinsky became infamous, and a popular punchline after she was involved in a sex scandal with former president Bill Clinton. Clinton would end up being impeached, and Lewinsky would never be forgotten for the role she played in the scandal. Lewinsky’s quote was from a statement this week about why she wanted to apologize to Hillary Clinton. Scandals in politics aren’t new by any means, but such self-reflection and a willingness to be better is worth noting. Lewinsky admitting the importance of evolving as a person and not letting her past define her is something everyone should learn.

In the Bible, in the book of Joshua, you can read about a woman who has a similar character change in her life. A woman named Rahab, who is described as a prostitute, encounters two men of God coming her way. It changes the course of her life. She mentions to them that she has heard of their God, and she risks her life to hide them from being captured, saving their lives. She asks for these men of God to spare her life and the life of her family members. The men agree to her deal. The next day, the walls of her kingdom fall, the men of God return with their army, and the city is burned down. However, because of Rahab’s extreme faith and her willingness to evolve, her entire family was spared from a horrible death.

Lewinsky may or may not know Jesus, but her statement still rings true for all of us. We remain victims if we don’t empathize with others and seek God to help us evolve from our bad decisions. The Bible is clear that it doesn’t matter if you’re a prostitute like Rahab or a public outcast like Monica Lewinsky, the chance for redemption, freedom, and salvation are free to anyone who has a willingness to evolve and change their hearts.