I know, right? - A podcast for women, by women.

Being a woman… it’s complicated. Right? The expectations. The relationships. All the freaking beauty products. It can be overwhelming to try to go it alone. IKR? - I know, right? - is a podcast for women, by women. It’s a place to be known. To be challenged. To be understood. Because no one wants to go it alone. Hosts Alli and Latasha pull back the veil on what’s going on in the minds of women to prove that we’re all in this together and there’s a God who wants in on it too.

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Hosted by Alli Patterson and Latasha Patrick

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Episode 17: The Art of Connecting with God

Visual artist, Jess, stops by for a conversation around different ways to connect with God, ending in a unique encounter that powerfully reminds Alli and Latasha how much God knows and loves them. There will...

Episode 16: Challenge Episode 8: Encouraging Amie & Five Marks of a Man

Latasha encourages listeners to send in encouragements for Amie and to check out the new Crossroads podcast The Five Marks of a Man.

Episode 15: The Art Of Finding Yourself

Alli and Latasha go behind prison walls for an unforgettable interview with Amie, an inmate at Dayton Correctional Institute for Women, around what it means to not let your past define your future.

Episode 14: Challenge Episode 7: Practicing Security

Alli and Latasha bring their insecurities out into the light - and encourage you to do the same.

Episode 13: The Art of Security

Alli and Latasha welcome their first male guest—pastor, author, and manly-man Brian Tome—to unmask the power insecurity has over our lives. Brian shares his insight into his insecurities, how men and women both suffer in...

Episode 12: Challenge Episode 6: Practicing Freedom

What’s right? What’s wrong? What’s confused? What’s missing? Alli and Latasha open up about their lives - and uncover some gems - using these questions as a guide.

Episode 11: The Art of Freedom

Alli and Latasha Facetime with author and speaker Rebekah Lyons for a discussion around what it means to live a life of freedom. Rebekah opens up about overcoming panic disorder, practicing self-reflection, and learning to...

Episode 10: Challenge Episode 5: Practicing Vulnerability

Online dating, sexuality, and family dynamics all come to the surface as Alli and Latasha jump headfirst into this week’s vulnerability challenge.

Episode 9: The Art of Vulnerability

Alli and Latasha go to therapy, visiting Dr. Shantal Thomas for a lesson in cultivating more meaningful relationships. The secret sauce? Vulnerability. This practical, must-listen episode, will both inspire and challenge you… and just might...

Episode 8: Challenge Episode 4: Practicing Spending

Alli and Latasha track their spending for one week - and the discoveries touch everything from Wendy’s Dollar Menu, to Eagle Scout projects, to Shipt.

Episode 7: The Art of Spending

Life is all about spending. And while that certainly involves money, it’s so much more than that. If we can learn to spend our time, our resources, our relationships - and yes, our money -...

Episode 6: Challenge Episode 3: Practicing Self-Care

Hot yoga, painful massages, and a good book on the back porch - that and more as Alli and Latasha practice a little self-care.

Episode 5: The Art of Sleeping at Night

Tomorrow is built on the sleep you get tonight. And women, as a whole, aren’t sleeping well. If we’re going to get any shut-eye, we have to learn how to deal with fear and anxiety....

Episode 4: Challenge Episode 2: Practicing Neighboring

Alli and Latasha put their neighboring knowledge to practice - and learn it’s not as easy as it seems.

Episode 3: The Art of Neighboring

Our insta-world has us more connected than ever… and yet women are experiencing historic levels of loneliness. If there’s going to be any art of life, we’re gonna need more than Facebook likes and Instagram...

Episode 2: Challenge Episode 1: Practicing Creative Play

Alli and Latasha jump into the creative play challenge - and it takes them to a piano bench and the top of some high school football bleachers.

Episode 1: The Art of Living

What if the secret to living an adventurous, meaningful, satisfying life wasn’t in thinking of life as a puzzle to be solved, but as a work of art to be created. Alli and Latasha kick...

Episode 0: IKR? - Season 2 Teaser

IKR? is back for a second season, beginning August 22nd. This time around, hosts Alli and Latasha are on the lookout for the good life - one of beauty, joy, creativity, and fun. And we...

Episode 10: The One About Your Questions... and Royalty

We asked, and you responded! Season 1 comes to a close with Alli and Latasha answering listener-submitted questions. Conversation topics include communication, dating, and the appropriate time for your child to wear a bikini. Along...

Episode 9: The One About Loss... and Poop

There are seasons in life when you’re just not okay. How do you deal, find hope, choose to get up in the morning when everything inside you is fighting against that? After a year of...

Episode 8: The One About Woman Camp... and Wipes

Sleeping on the ground and pooping in the woods didn’t initially sound like a good time to Alli and Latasha. And yet, Woman Camp has become a regular, life-giving rhythm in both of their lives....

Episode 7: The One About Bro Culture... and Motorcycles

Veteran attorney Marsha brings her straight-shooting humor and wisdom into a conversation around “bro culture,” Latasha’s piddly amount of Facebook friends, and why the world needs women to show up as themselves at work, home,...

Episode 6: The One About Courage... and Calculus

Katelyn was halfway through her freshman calculus class when she had a revelation—this was not the life she wanted to live… and math kind of sucks. She visits the IKR? team to recount her inspiring...

Episode 5: The One About The People We Love... and Hair Shows

The stories we tell ourselves about others - be they are true or not - color all of our closest relationships. Libby Tome, wife of Crossroads’ founding pastor Brian Tome, stops by to discuss taking...

Episode 4: The One About Rest... and Janet Jackson

Jam-packed schedules, growing to-do lists, mounting responsibilities. The pace of modern life is relentless. Is it even possible to slow down? To take a breather? To rest? Courtney visits the IKR team to talk burnout,...

Episode 3: The One About Work, Kids... and Weiner Dogs

Felt the tension between work and home? It can be overwhelming. Instead of beating ourselves up to find a solution, what if we leaned into the tension instead? Alli and Latasha talk with their friend...

Episode 2: The One About Body Image... and Boobs

Author Jenny Baker visits with the IKR team to talk body image, finding freedom when you look in the mirror, and what she learned by choosing afternoon sex. IKR DISCUSSION GUIDE Use this four-week guide...

Episode 1: The One About Your Past... and Drug Dealing

Embezzled money, fraud and drug smuggling are all part of Betty’s past. Alli and Latasha sit down with her to hear the incredible true story, and discover that forgiveness is better than innocence.

Episode 0: The One About Us... and Text Abbreviations

Hosts Alli and Latasha give an introduction to IKR? by sharing their stories, revealing why they decided to start a podcast for women, and admitting they’re bad at understanding text abbreviations.