Too Long; Didn't Read

An irreverent look at a reverent book.

Too Long; Didn’t Read is an irreverant look at a reverant book… it’s a podcast about the The Bible. This season, we’re uncovering the stories you didn’t learn in preschool. These aren’t cute. There aren’t coloring pages for them. They’re violent; weird; scandalous. And they’re part of the Bible for a reason. Wonder why? So do we.

Hosted by Eric Ankenman and Mae Klingler copied to clipboard!


Episode 5: It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Dragons? Beasts? Demon Frogs? We’re jumping to the last book of the Bible for a little jaunt through Armageddon. Think Revelation is confusing? You’re right. But this story also paints an incredibly important picture of...

Episode 4: Balaam's Talking Donkey

A mercenary prophet, talking pack animals, and the dire consequences of fitting God into your plans. This amazing story from the Old Testament paints an unexpected picture of what disobedience to God actually looks like....

Episode 3: Boy Band Breakups

Still blame Yoko for the Beatles breakup? Wait till you get a load of John Mark. But beneath the abandonment and knock-down-drag-outs, you’ll find an inspiring story of persevering through failure.

Episode 2: Judah and the Lyin'

Two dead guys, prostitute costumes, and seducing your father-in-law. Yeah, that’s a Bible story. And underneath the rocky exterior, it says something incredible about God.

Episode 1: Ehud and the Fat King

A spy, a fat king, and a disappearing sword. It’s all espionage, belly-stabbing, and poop saving the day in this incredible story from the Old Testament.