The New Mind | Week 4: See the Pattern, Take Action

Our brains are wired to conserve energy, which is great for survival but terrible for long term growth and progress. (It also explains why the gym is empty again by the end of January.) If we want to become the people God designed us to be, it requires that we see the patterns in our lives and take action. Today, we’re going to talk about how to spend the limited energy and time we have on things that will bring a return.

hey welcome to crossroads my name is 

Kyle no matter who you are no matter 

what you believe 

you are in the right place today we’re 

gonna start off our experience with 

worship and let me just tell you I’d 

love you to put away distractions as 

much as possible so you can give us your 

full attention I think it’ll be worth it 

for you today 

as a part of worship we’re going to do 

something called communion and if that’s 

something you would like to participate 

in that would be great you’re gonna need 

to run and grab two things one is 

something to drink doesn’t matter what 

it is two is something to eat again 

doesn’t matter what it is if that’s 

something you want to place but in again 

we’d love to have you do that’s coming 

up in just a bit we’re so glad you’re 



I say 



no question 




the cross has 

the gray 








that’s good news right yes 

but if you came in to a traditional 

crossroads site than when you walked 

into the room you would have gotten a 

little packet the bread and juice so you 

can take that out now if you’re joining 

us online or at home in a coffee shop or 

a dorm room then grab water grab a 

muffin grab coffee wine whatever you cut 

their bread and we’re gonna take part 

right here together so that we call 

communion or the Lord’s Supper or the 

Eucharist those lyrics we just sing the 

cross that leaves no question of the 

measure of his love we’ve been talking 

about a new mind and I can tell you this 

I didn’t always understand that I tried 

my hardest to earn that love to work 

harder and harder and every time we take 

communion at the church I grew up in it 

was just me going God forgive me forgive 

me because I screw it up all the time 

and I don’t remember all the sins I 

committed like two nights ago so how do 

you forgive those and as I began to grow 

in my relationship with Jesus by friends 

who had known him longer than me and 

they showed me the stories in the gospel 

I begin to encounter that kind of Jesus 

that we’re singing about his cross 

leaves no question of the measure of his 

love we do not find the God at the cross 

it who sits in judgment in a far-off 

place we find the God at the cross who 

comes near to us and to us and rescues 

and redeems us his love his mercy His 

grace it’s all free so that’s what we 

receive in this moment so if you’re new 

with us and and maybe you’ve never 

received Jesus as your king and Savior 

you’ve never received that forgiveness 

then today’s your day I invite you to do 

it for the first time with us if you’re 

new with us today and you’re like man 

we’re 15 minutes into this thing 

I don’t know what this means I don’t 

believe this and we’re glad and thrilled 

you’re here and we want you to be honest 

where you stand and so maybe for this 

moment you let it pass to be honest and 

say I haven’t accepted that forgiveness 

and so I can’t take this in honesty but 

for those of us who have this is a 

celebration of freedom no more shame all 

free because of his love so we model 

this from the first century what Jesus 

did we find this in first Corinthians 

which says this the Lord Jesus on the 

night when he was betrayed took bread 

and when he had given thanks he broke it 

and said this is my body which is for 

you do this in remembrance of me so you 

can take that wafer on the top peel that 

back will take his bread and 

representation of his body broken for us 

take this together 


the scripture goes on it says in the 

same way also he took the cup after 

supper saying this cup is the New 

Covenant my blood do this as often as 

you drink it in remembrance of me we 

take this in representation of his blood 

that sets us free take it together 


the cross leaves no question of his love 

and it sets us free to walk in his ways 

we sing this together 


or Jesus we sing this in response to you 

for who you are 







you are the one we go 

most high your hidden glory and creation 

now rebuild it 

what a beautiful name 


what a beautiful name 

she is 

what a beautiful name 

nothing come test 

what a beautiful name 


you didn’t want heaven this house so 







what a wonderful 



what a wonderful name it 


you’re wonderful 

the phone 







oh let’s sing it what words what a 

beautiful name 

what a beautiful name it is the name of 

Jesus Christ my what a beautiful name it 

is nothing compared to this what a 

beautiful name 

the name of Jesus 


I hope that you are already connecting 

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war determines not who is right but who 

is left 

he who throws dirt will lose ground he 

who lives in a glass house must change 

in the basements he who goes to bed with 

itchy bum wake up with smelly finger yes 

we’re going to talk about the mind today 

we’re going to talk about the mind and 

we’re going to talk about wisdom as we 

end this series I’m excited for today 

says pray before we get going any 

further god thank you for how we’ve 

encountered you this this entire time 

together I thank you for the chuckles 

you’ve maybe given us already and I 

thank you for how you might have already 

put some up on our minds I want you to 

put something else in our minds god I 

want you to help us to understand how to 

renew our minds how to increase our 

energy how do how to better connect with 

you as have as we have a great year so 

would it be clear and God just thank you 

for thank you for the opportunity to 

share transcendent ideas your good to 

help me your good to allow me to 

represent your truth today I pray that’s 

exactly what happens I pray these things 

according to the character and the 

identity of Jesus amen 

who is the wisest man in the history of 

the world no one ever saying anything 

this is not trick question oh I hear the 

good I hear the question I’m answer I’m 

wanted to hear I thought everyone’s 

gonna say Jesus cuz that’s always the 

answer when you’re in church right Jesus 

Sunday school teacher asses ask the 

little kids what what has a bushy tail 

and eats nuts 

Jesus no it’s a squirrel actually the 

answer this question was Solomon Jesus 

certainly more wise and solemn Jesus had 

some DNA that was kind of divine that 

was helping about Solomon son we even 

here in our culture the wisdom of 

Solomon not Solomon wilcott to the part 

of our church and as part of our Super 


every year but the wisdom of Solomon 

this ancient King in the nation of 

Israel one of the good kings and we can 

learn something about him his dad was 

the greatest king in Israel’s history 

his name was David David when he dies he 

gives the kingship over to Solomon God 

comes to Solomon and the story goes like 

this God appeared to Solomon and said to 

him ask what I shall give you and 

Solomon said to God will give me now 

wisdom and knowledge to go out and come 

in before this people for who can govern 

this people of yours which is so great 

God answered Solomon because this was in 

your heart and you have not asked for 

this is very carefully if not last for 

possessions wealth honor or the life of 

those who hate you and have not even 

asked for long life but have asked for 

wisdom and knowledge for yourself that 

you may govern my people over whom I 

have made you King wisdom and knowledge 

are granted to you God ask them whatever 

you want you can have it enough if God 

actually came to you and said whatever 

you want right now ask it and boom you 

can have it what would you say what 

would you say many of us would say the 

things that God’s been hearing for ever 

and ever and ever he asked Solomon and 

he’s waiting like okay I wonder if he’s 

gonna give this the same one that 

everyone else gives I want Mo Money Mo 

Money mo mo money I want possessions 

I want honor I want I want people to 

know me I want to climb the ranks I want 

the life of my enemies I want vengeance 

I mean guys heard this over and over and 

over it’s where most of our prayer 

center give me more money 

give me the elevation status I won you 

know crushed that person the person seen 

there an idiot who’s hurting me give him 

give me give me enduring fame whatever 

it is these are the things and people 

always ask for and and if even if we’re 

not praying about those things those are 

things that we want those are the things 

that trip us up in our relationship with 

God and when Solomon says give me wisdom 

God says booyah Wow Wow no one asks for 


because you’ve asked for windows wisdom 

Solomon gets all the rest these things 

somebody stays he gets because God 

uniquely bless him some of the things he 

gets because when you have wisdom when 

you have wisdom you had the capacity for 

new things like you could never imagine 

before what is wisdom I’m defining 

wisdom wisdom is seeing the patterns and 

taking action that’s what it is seeing 

the patterns and taking action when you 

seen something happen over and over 

again you go oh okay that that that’s 

it’s going to happen that way again 

that’s wisdom this is why older people 

tend to be much more wise released this 

is their reputation it’s because they’ve 

seen a lot more things they’ve seen a 

lot of patterns and then they take 

action this is what wisdom is seeing and 

taking action now it’s really important 

to understand that this is a way for you 

and I to renew our mind it’s a way for 

you and I the big word for today really 

is energy it’s a way for you and I to 

conserve energy when you see the pattern 

you don’t have to stress and think about 

so much about what you should do instead 

you can just do it our mind is a huge 

machine of taking energy I don’t know 

exactly what energy is I haven’t seen 

any scientific analysis of exactly what 

energy is I don’t know if they’re going 

to find something in in DNA it’s going 

to tell us that some of us are 

predisposed to have high energy and some 

predisposed to have low energy I don’t 

understand don’t we all recognize that 

some people just have more energy than 

others right we’ve seen that and if 

you’re around a lot of little kids a lot 

of little bitty bitty bitty ones you’ll 

see it that some just come out of the 

womb having more energy than others not 

necessarily being smarter not 

necessarily having more likelihood for 

success but just having more energy I 

got the two youngest youngest beings in 

my household right now is my dog Winston 

and my grandson Louie who’s living with 

us right now as well with my daughter 

and son-in-law and these two are night 

and day as far as energy Winston we took 

Winston out of the litter because he was 

the most mellow dog that was there we 

thought we just got him on a slow day 

no he’s just slow 22 hours a day he’ll 

be on the couch I could you know 22 

hours a day that’s a good day it’s a 

normal day he’ll get off if you wanna go 

up but he’s Jesus Turner to sit there 

you got no other energy other than that 

no our grandson he’s like he if he’s 

sitting there to get his food he’s like 

this he’s always been or he said he’s 

moving his ankles and he he’s just 

always he’s always going on I’ve been 

around kids to have more energy than him 

I’ve been around kids who have less 

energy than him when I know all of us 

have some level of energy that’s put 

into us and and all of us can grow our 

energy all of us but whatever energy you 

have you can grow your energy where you 

are right now 

there’s decisions you make I remember 

when I had a pain in my body some time 

ago and I was thinking out this macho 

guy like I’m not gonna take pain pills I 

don’t need pain meds and the doctor said 

well Brian let me explain this to you 

you only have so much energy and you can 

use your energy to fight the pain or you 

can use your energy to heal your body I 

was like okay I think I’ll take the pain 

meds now I have my energy go to doing 

the buy it so that’s how he described it 

for me all of us have energy all of us 

need energy and what and what’s this had 

to do with the mind the mind is an 

energy hog it is an energy hog every 

minute every minute this brain the brain 

itself burns 11 calories 20% of your 

metabolic rate this is how you kind of 

burn calories is related to this sucker 

right here we’ve looked at the last few 

weeks how this works how’s this work 

with we’ve got all these chemicals these 

neural chemicals they’re moving and 

coursing through our brain right they 

got their neural pathways we got these 

synaptic connections these little little 

micro micro electric shocks that kind of 

barely buzz each other and it helps the 

the the chemicals keep going and and as 

we live our life and as we do certain 

things these these chemicals keep going 

and going and going and here’s the thing 

our brain our brain 

is wired to save calories you’re made to 

consume calories that’s right if you 

have a few more if you weigh more than 

you wish you did hey blame it on biology 

Raven on anthropology because you and I 

wake up every day saying I have got to 

consume calories I’ve got to have them I 

gotta have them i gotta have 

biologically we we see that ah yeah 

because our body wants it for energy 

because that’s that’s the thing that’s 

stoking the fire that’s the thing that’s 

the fire in the belly that gives us 

energy and so we’re made to to consume 

calories and take calories and eat and 

our brain is made to conserve calories 

one of the ways the brain conserves 

calories for our whole body is to have 

us keep doing the same thing over and 

over and over again why is that because 

if you’re doing the same thing over and 

over and over again which is what it is 

a pattern if you’re doing the same thing 

over and over and over again 

you’re not making any choices you’re not 

burning any calories you’re having the 

same neural pathways go again again if I 

had a drill up here and I was to go 

through this piece of wood I was to 

drill a 1/8 inch hole and then I was to 

take my drill bit and just go just a 

hair to the right that would start 

drilling where would that drill bit want 

to go into the pilot hole would one it 

want to go into that into that hole if I 

had a block of ice here and I had a 

molten lead ball bearing just red-hot 

virtually almost dripping and I dropped 

it on that block of ice and it melted 

all the way through and then I dropped 

another one I dropped it there the 

second time through it would go easier 

and easier and and the hole would get 

wider and wider and this is exactly 

where brain works our brain works this 

way is our chemicals as we start to get 

values opinions beliefs our chemicals 

start going a certain way and it’s like 

that’s where the drill hole is we just 

want to keep going that way and every 

time the every time the the juices go 

through it makes it easier and easier 

for those chemicals and our brain wants 

us to conserve calories the moment we 

start to think differently we start to 

burn more cow 

we start to lose energy it’s true those 

of us who went to school and are in 

school right now when you get more 

hungry after a physical workout or after 

a mental workout mental I could I used 

to study like III could never stop I was 

hungry all the time I go have football 

practice and I want to drink something 

but not eat but man you start like 

putting mind work I I just get really 

hungry it’s because our brain is 

consuming crazy amounts of energy now 

when we understand that our brain is 

wired to preserve energy and when we 

understand the patterns and taking acts 

on those patterns are the way to be wise 

I mean when you see something happens 

again and again you know I know it’s 

gonna turn out that way so I’m gonna 

make sure I do that you just become wise 

when you see like over and over again 

man I I just don’t have a budget and I 

never know where my money is going okay 

that’s a pattern but if we only just see 

the pattern and we don’t take action 

then we never get the benefit and 

blessing of actually having money at the 

end of the month patterns we’ve all seen 

patterns different ways wisdom is when 

you see the pattern you know it and you 

actually take action so for us to have 

energy we have to have wisdom because we 

can’t afford every decision make oh 

what’s the right thing I can’t think I 

too much energy too much energy we need 

to know this is the right thing we need 

to develop wisdom so I want to give us 

four examples today there’s dozens of 

examples but four examples of wisdom and 

how this will increase your energy and 

I’m gonna quote from Solomon because 

he’s written a couple books in the Bible 

and they’re known as wisdom literature 

and we’re going to see how he saw 

patterns and actually put them into 

practice the first pattern I want to 

talk about is I want to talk about 

grasping of time versus squandering life 

grasping time versus scorner you know 

time is like time is like this actually 

there’s a word in the Bible for time one 

of those words is 

on us Chronos it’s the word we get for 

chronological chronological 

chronological time in the scriptures and 

what we know is this seconds turn into 

minutes turn into hours turn into days 

weeks months years decades lifetime and 

it just keeps marching on there’s a 

there’s a tick tick tick 

Go Go Go and what we have to do to be 

wise with our lives understand there is 

a certain cadence to life a thing that 

must be done we have to see that pattern 

and not try to deny that pattern Book of 

Psalms chapter 90 verse 12 

written by Solomon’s dad David says this 

so teach us to number our days that we 

may get a heart of wisdom number our 

days we may get a heart of wisdom some 

people believe that our days are 

numbered like God’s already determine 

how long you’re gonna live and you can’t 

do anything about it I don’t believe 

that I don’t believe I don’t I don’t 

think that you have a certain time to 

live and so therefore you can go ahead 

and smoke two packs of cigarettes it 

doesn’t matter because you’re gonna die 

when you die I don’t think I don’t think 

that’s the way guys I don’t think the 

way that’s the way the Bible is but this 

verse says that there is whatever it is 

there is a finite number to our days and 

if we get a heart for wisdom or days are 

gonna be better and our days are 

actually going to be longer there are 

certain things you have to do at certain 

days and certain times and certain 

seasons it’s it’s a cronniss of life 

that just keeps going on and when you 

take a look at some of our choices like 

not doing the right thing on time you 

can actually increase your energy by 

expending energy this is why you work 

out you work out not just to burn 

calories and maybe get skinnier you’ll 

work out because you’re actually 

increasing your energy you go to sleep 

because when sleeping it’s the pattern 

you increase your energy for the next 

day if you get a good night’s sleep it’s 

a pattern I just a very I see a pattern 

the people who work out they have more 

energy I’m gonna do that I see a pattern 

science says very clearly people who 

sleep well have more energy I’m gonna do 

I stood on a pattern another pattern is 

people who aspire to retire and retire 

died earlier that’s a very clear pattern 

a report from the Institute of Economic 

Affairs shows that following an initial 

boost in health retirement increases 

your risk of clinical depression by 40% 

while raising your chances of being 

diagnosed with a physical condition by 

60% Wow 

maybe retirement isn’t all it’s cracked 

up to be 

it’s good for us to have a healthy level 

of pressure in our life it’s good for us 

to have a healthy level of stress on our 

life and if we don’t have appropriate 

stress and there’s gonna come a day 

where you may be kicked out of corporate 

America that’s fine but do not think 

that you just need to be sedate and not 

have any pressure in your life know that 

we need an appropriate level of pressure 

in order to stoke our fires and keep our 

energy up and actually keep our us 

healthy Cronos is about taking advantage 

of opportunities that are right here and 

right now 

now Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes 

chapter 4 verse 8 he says this one 

person who has no other either son or 

brother yet there is no end to all his 

toil and his eyes are never satisfied 

with riches so that he never asks for 

whom am I toiling and depriving myself 

of pleasure 

this also is vanity in an unhappy 

business so there is a Chronos I’ve got 

to sleep every day got to do budget 

planning gotta eat the right meals that 

affects my energy I’ve got to have the 

right people in my life I’ve got to work 

hard at work to increase my financial 

earning capacity I’ve got any you know 

they’re there there’s all these things 

that are like the metronome they’re part 

of Chronos time hit your marks every day 

right but there’s also another kind of 

time and it’s referred to here it’s a 

time that is not necessarily in a 

momentary lapse of productivity Solomon 

says hey if you’re just like hitting 

your marks every day being faithful work 

but you’re not taking care of pleasure 

you’re not enjoying life 

he says vanity of vanities your 

so babe you probably think this song is 

about you you’re so vain I bet you think 

the song is about you yes come on let’s 

hear it up for all the old white people 

yeah Carly Simon man the only thing 

about that song that song is how we 

think about you’re so vain you’re so 

vain and we think of it as somebody 

who’s just into themselves they strut 

around that song was a compilation of 

three men who were in her life one of 

them was Warren Beatty just looking for 

attention a lot of things to be said 

about me but that kind of looking for 

attention terms of how you dress I don’t 

think that kind of vanity is made I’m 

like I’ve got absurd here I’ve been 

wearing for five years you’re gonna I 

know it would you get buy a new freakin 

shirt please I’m tired tired of your 

word I know I know I know I’m not as 

concerned about outward appearances as 

others might be but that’s actually not 

vanity in the Bible it’s a different 

kind of vanity vanity is being talked 

about in the book of Ecclesiastes just 

mentioned 26 times in the 11th chapter 

is worthless it’s worthless Psalm is 

saying man if all you’re doing is ioio 

it’s off to work I go you’re not 

smelling the roses and joy and life is 

worthless so worthless life Chronos is 

not the only kind of time there’s also 

another kind of time which is the time 

the word Kairos in the book of Ephesians 

cap chapter 5 verse 15 following it says 

look carefully then how you walk not as 

unwise but as wise making the best use 

of the time or of the Kairos Kairos 

meaning this moment grab what you can 

this moment this moment do the right 

thing this moment this moment there’s an 

opening there’s an opening of something 

stepping that opening right now because 

you don’t know if it’s gonna close or 

not Kairos is actually an archery term 

it’s a term that shows that the shot is 


you can take the shot 

developed in the Middle Ages to Train 

military archers using long bows their 

cell requires an archer to shoot well in 

various situations made difficult with 

changing wind and lighting conditions an 

archer strolling on the path and 

circling the traditional Barisal garden 

will suddenly come upon a narrow open 


cut between rows of trees or well 

manicured shrubs set in flower beds rows 

of timber or masonry wall panels varying 

in height and interlaced among the 

greenery on either side usually shield 

this corridor from other areas of the 

garden by regulation the open space 

between the panel blinds is only five 

and a half feet across down this open 

range the archer will spy around black 

and white target known as a but placed 

at the far end of the corridor a little 

over 50 yards away and paired with a 

similar but at his feet in modern their 

sole competition to score a maximum 

number of points the archer must shoot a 

single arrow down this leafy gauntlet 

and center it in a zone less than two 

inches wide on the opposite bud 


the Kairos is the moment there’s an 

opening in a pulling of the trigger 

that’s the Kairos I got this crossbow a 

couple months ago I had a Chronos goal 

of hunting I was one hunt and I saw I 

saw Walking Dead early years of Walking 

Dead and I saw Daryl with that crossbow 

and I said I’m gonna get me one of those 

that’s that’s that’s awesome what the 

hell across but then I would do research 

on it was just there were so many 

options I just would tell to lose my 

mind on it the day after Thanksgiving I 

had breakfast with a friend who came 

over to our house and brought his 

brother with them and what do you know 

he was a hunter and I need said he 

hunted with a crossbones like you are 

tell me buddy 

so he told me the the brandy had he said 

it works great all sudden it’s like okay 

I know which one it is I made a phone 

call to a local archery shop they had 

that they had that bow on sale for a 

Black Friday special I went and I bought 

it immediately the next day inside of 24 

hours of hearing about that bow I had 

killed and was are my family was eating 

our first deer kai Ross was like I kind 

of know back as background there was a 

lot of cranach’s that went into that I 

researched well if I ever hunted where 

would that be 

what kind of hunting gear would I need 

to have what Nia I researched a bunch of 

the once I get the deer I’ll have to 

drag it somewhere or take us how do what 

do I do it there’s a bunch of Cronos 

things over there but in the moment it 

came to time I had to pull the trigger 

friends there’s some of us in here that 

have an energy issue that are not 

getting ahead because you’re not doing 

the simple things you need to do every 

day and every week and every year you 

think you think you’re immune from 

you’re not you’re not immune from them 

you’re not and there’s some of us who 

are missing out in life because we got 

to this thing going but on the big 

things we’re not pulling the trigger on 

the stuff that brings flavor to our life 

we’re not pulling the trigger so if you 

want to have a new mind it increases 

your energy you have to understand and 

live in the tension of grasping time 

over wasting your life and letting it 

slip away the second second area for 

managing our energy and wisdom is 

practicing forgiveness 

over bitterness we choose to practice 

forgiveness over bitterness Jesus talked 

a lot about forgiveness and if you want 

to be like Jesus and you’ve got to have 

to be a good forgiver because we just 

did communion earlier which is about God 

forgiving us and Jesus actually going 

through pain so that we could be 

forgiven pain on a cross 

forgive us a big thing for him and if 

God’s a big thing for you then you’re 

gonna have to be into forgiveness 

because forgiveness is a big thing for 

God the book of Matthew chapter 18 one 

of Peters 1 Jesus friends Peter says 

Peter came up to him and said to him 

Lord how often will my brother sin 

against me and I forgive him as many as 

seven times and Jesus said to him I do 

not say to you seven times 

how about seventy-seven times in other 

words you never stop it goes on and on 

and on I’ve had people come to me and 

apologized to me I’ve never had someone 

coming to it twice three times or even 

seven times let alone seventy-seven 

times the way we forgive is some by 

waiting for someone to prostrate 

themselves and and say the magic words 

it’s by having an attitude that says I’m 

going to release it this is the word 

here in the original language of Femi 

release see our brain are chemicals like 

they get in ruts and are chemicals if we 

keep thinking about the person who 

wronged us the parent who said the wrong 

words to us the person who took all the 

glory from us on the team the girl who 

who dumped us the guy who dishonored if 

we keep thinking about those and guess 

what our energy goes to creating those 

ruts in our mind not forgiving that 

person and those that bring bitterness 

that memory that that angst that we have 

that’s energy that’s being taken from 

some productive thing you never get 

ahead by being bitter you never get 

ahead by remembering and being angry 

about the past never you never ever ever 

build the life of value because you 


what happened you know you don’t never 

the movies might like tell you that you 

can’t no you cannot but when you forgive 

you forgive you free up energy you free 

up capacity that can create it can push 

things further it’s going to be 

difficult to do because you’re going to 

get out of the rut of your thinking but 

you have to do it you have to jump into 

a different place forgiveness if you 

want your energy to go into creating a 

new mind and a new life the third area 

that I want to talk about is that we 

have to exercise discernment over being 

stiff-necked exercise discernment over 

being stiff-necked life is complicated 

isn’t it who agrees life is complicated 

come on Jerri okay it’s complicated just 

is it’s very it’s complicated we like to 

think it’s simple it’s not it’s life’s 

not easy and it’s rough and there are a 

conundrum of choices that are before us 

in the Bible people who are seen as 

being able to wade through complexity 

and make the right choice wade through 

complexity and see the pattern make the 

right choice or seen as discerning 

discerning able to discern the pattern 

and those who aren’t up for the energy 

that’s needed to discern because it 

takes energy to discern are known as 

fools scoffers or being stiff-necked who 

has a stiff-necked someone who’s not 

going to move their neck that’s who our 

brain wants to conserve calories so our 

brain is always going to fight different 

data that makes us change our mind 

because changing our mind is just 

physiological reality changing our mind 

is getting chemicals to go in a 

different direction through a different 

part of our brain and that’s going to 

take more calories and our brain doesn’t 

want to do it so you have to take 

controller brain 

brain no you’re going to work on this 

you’re going to change I am going to 

tell you to change and the spirit that 

is in me and above me and around me is 

going to facilitate this change this 

must happen this by the way is how you 

make a lot of money in marketing the way 

you make a lot of money marketing is not 

to educate people it’s to tell people 

what they already believe because that’s 

what they want to hear and if you could 

sell something this in line with what 

somebody already bleeped you’re gonna 

make money because we don’t want to 

change at all book of proverbs chapter 

29 verse 8 this again is from Solomon 

scoffers set a city of flame but the 

wise turn away wrath scoffers coughs 

cough okay a capelet cop she did a cop 

and social media is so good for scoffing 

there’s never been a better made human 

platform for scoffing stiff neck or 

fools than social media cuz you can 

always find somebody who’s gonna scoff 

right along with you 

you can always find somebody who thinks 

just like you because you’re right and 

you’re easy and and and you can just 

keep creating those ruts in your brain 

but but the wise turn ray with wrath 

scoffers want to stir up wrath get 

everybody to go the wise turns it away 

so no we’re not getting anywhere with 

this I mean let me just come wait into a 

complex thing that hit our world this 

last week in Northern Kentucky we had a 

local high school go to Washington DC 

and you all know this story just you 

know tough tough tough stuff right so 

when we all saw the very initial vid I 

think I think when we all most of us at 

least we saw the initial short video 

clip there was a understandable level of 

indignity and then if you happen to like 

I did 

watch all the long videos like all of 

them long that started long before you 

know the incident that got to play all 

of a sudden that’s mmm it’s not that 

obvious what happened there any longer 

it’s a lot more complicated 

our very own Chuck Mingo wrote an op-ed 

about that and I love what Chuck says 

Chuck said 

in our world of viral snippets we have 

lost our ability to listen before 

jumping to us to some assumptions and 

filling in the story ourselves we like 

to stay in our echo chambers surrounded 

by people and sources that tell us what 

we want to hear but when we listen to 

people’s stories with empathy it changes 

who we are and by extension becomes a 

revolutionary act that brings connection 

in the place of fear hatred and division 

an echo chamber is a pattern of thought 

it’s our neural patterns that just want 

to be affirmed that the chemicals are 

flowing in the right direction and our 

body wants to conserve energy our body 

doesn’t want to burn energy wants to 

conserve energy so let’s talk about some 

complex things let’s be discerning just 

some things for you to think about for 

all of those who are white like me I 

don’t know if you notice that I am white 

yeah I’m very white white is awesome it 

is if I was black I’d probably say black 

is awesome I’ve never been black bland 

white so I like being white so 

everything if you are white you have to 

understand discerning I’m sure if you 

wear a hat or a shirt that says make 

America great again you have to be 

discerning and wise to know that you’re 

going to stir up some things around you 

that you might not want to happen you’re 

going to be seen in a certain way that 

may or may not reflect you I’m here me 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have 

voted the way you did on saying that 

your present is the utter loser I’m not 

saying I’m just saying if you make the 

choice to have that phrase people who 

aren’t white will look at you in a 

certain way that was going to cause 

tension in life and you will cut your 

influence in half and so why you would 

want to do that I don’t know it’s not a 

wise thing to wear those words they 

don’t mean what you what you may think 

they mean I also say if you are not 

white if you’re a person of color it’s 

not as simple as looking at somebody who 

happens to wear that and saying that 

persons are racist there’s a lot of 

reasons why people voted for Donald 

Trump that believe it I have 

nothing to do with race the scoffers the 

scoffers would say no that’s not pot it 

actually is very possible there’s a 

whole bunch of reason and y’all gonna 

have to exercise your brain and go do I 

want to judge that person based on some 

words on their clothing or might I want 

to have some empathy and go hmm I wonder 

why that’s there I’m saying here is 

there’s a level of discernment when we 

get into these matters there’s a level 

of complexity and if you don’t want to 

engage in that kind of difficult complex 

discernment you are a simpleton who 

doesn’t want to expend the energy you 

don’t like me anymore deal that’s all 

right that’s right 

I’m just trying to give you examples of 

something that’s as relevant as possibly 

could be you and I if you want your life 

to get ahead you’re gonna have to turn 

on your brain and burn calories when 

other people don’t want to burn calories 

and you’re gonna have to learn at the 

same time how to shut off your brain 

because you don’t have to burn calories 

because wisdom is just wisdom it’s 

always better to forgive than be bitter 

and just kind of go that way you’re 

gonna have to learn and do a different 

way that other people do for for seeing 

hope over doon this last once I was 

seeing Hope over Dumon scoffers will 

always see reasons why things are gonna 

fail what’s good awful w a giblet saw 

scoffers will always see that always see 

that the people of a new mind people 

were increasing their energy are going 

to have hope the proverbs chapter 10:28 

again written by Solomon the hope of the 

righteous brings joy but the expectation 

of the wicked will perish the wicked 

just expect things to go bad look at 

expect the Ox but just rights but no I 

could have called that one uh-huh I 

could have called Dahlia the wicked just 

expect things go downhill and oh the 

first generation knows I’m young I heard 

this my heard my kids say over the first 

the first generation it’s not gonna out 

earn their parents who says that who 

says that where are you getting this 

expectation my loser young generation 

thought that too people keep telling us 

that well what what is 

how about a hope how about a desire for 

something bigger and beyond what God is 

moving in your life you’re not doom and 

gloom yes you do recognize there’s pain 

is gonna come we talk about the very 

first week jesus promised us pain will 

come we’re not denying the pan will come 

but when the pain does come when it does 

come we go I’ve got a vision and a hope 

in a future and I’m turning on my brain 

and telling me this is going to pass 

because God’s doing something I’m going 

to trust that a better day is coming 

ahead it’s hope and when we feel that 

way man we get energy starts cranking up 

our energy comes alive why should we 

have energy if we goes go suck if we’re 

all get slaughtered well guess what you 

don’t need any engine energy do you 

you’re just gonna be a you know your 

yours gonna be a lemming who gets 

crushed you need energy but when you go 

hey something good is coming something 

inside you cranks up your energy and 

gets you going the right direction kind 

of what got us into Super Bowl actually 

the Super Bowl service of preaching 

we’re doing to do it next week again 

we’ve been doing this for 15 years let 

me tell the story of this is story for 

this was first few years crossed was 

going I know I said people would not 

come to church on Sunday we’re Super 

Bowl is happening it bummed me out like 

yeah how come people don’t bum me out 

what’s the reason reason is because a 

lot of people get into football mode and 

football mode and church mode don’t 

necessarily go together and I was almost 

myself and I said yeah you know what if 

I wasn’t paid to be here in the Super 

Bowl I might not be here either I might 

actually go to my Super Bowl party I 

might I might do that instead or just 

get myself ready and so hope said huh 

wait it doesn’t have to be this why 

don’t we do something this football 

oriented on the Super Bowl a preaching 

weekend the most the most consolidating 

and peaceful holiday and all of America 

one that we all like and we can all get 

on board with all right so we started 

building it we started doing little 

things year after year after year of 

year and that’s how the Super Bowl 

preaching came to be the highest attend 

a weekend service of the year for us 

other than Easter Easter’s and Super 

Bowl competes with each other really 

well that’s unheard of it’s unheard of 

when other of my peers just go expect 

the people aren’t gonna show up 

today gonna take a hit I am man you put 

some energy into that and it just kind 

of goes on 

it increases Francis’s this is what I 

want you to build your energy you and I 

need to build our calorie intake 

we need to be consuming the things that 

God wants us to consume we need to see 

the patterns and take the right path and 

act on it what do you know life will 

start working and you’ll have a great 

2019 and by the way next weekend’s would 

be great 

bring your friends I can’t wait for 

friends I’ve invited it’s managed and 

we’d love to have you use your energy to 

help us reach and bless our friends by 

volunteering somebody it’s it’s a it’s a 

weekend of hope and it’s we got some new 

stuff happened last week um I’m really 

excited about but let me pray for you 

boy before we leave God God you are you 

are the God of all wisdom you’ve created 

every pattern which a serie pattern you 

created every pattern I’m gonna pray 

that we would have the hope for the 

future that you want for us and Jesus I 

thank you for your forgiveness god I 

thank you for giving us the gift of time 

and God of the four things I said I know 

that all of us probably have one of 

these things that just tagged us help us 

to embrace the one thing that we need to 

increase our energy and serving you now 

pray these things according to character 

and identity of Jesus amen all right 

we’ll see you next weekend well that’s 

it for today thanks for being with us 

don’t forget next week is the Superbowl 

of preaching you’re not going to want to 

miss it and hey parents we’ve got 

something special for you that you can 

do with your kids or as a whole family 

it’s the crossroads kids Club anywhere 

experience Super Bowl edition 



Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...
  1. Take a moment and recall the wisdom of Tome. “He who throws dirt, loses ground.” “He who lives in a glass house, should change in the basement.”

    Take 3 minutes and quickly scour the internet for your own bite size chunks of wisdom. Share what you find that makes you laugh, or think. Whoever shares the the best one wins. (And gets to read the rest of the questions out loud.)

  2. One of the keys of wisdom and increased energy is choosing empathy over judgement. What does empathy mean to you? When is it easy to choose? And when is it a challenge for you? Everyone share.

    (If you’re looking to dive deep into empathy, watch this video as a group. Then, discuss.)

  3. Read Proverbs 10:28. Thinking about the empathy conversation you just had, talk about this scripture. What jumps out at you? Does empathy make it easier to choose hope over doom? Does empathy complicate your thoughts on the “wicked who will perish?”

  4. Another way to increase our energy is choosing forgiveness over bitterness. This one may be tough, but stay with it. On your phone or a piece of paper, take 2 minutes and list out some things in your mind that cause anger or bitterness. They may be a bad boss, a botched presentation, or someone that did you wrong.

    Then, share that list with the group and the reasons why you still might be holding on.

  5. Look around the group and think about what was shared. Then, taking turns, look to the person on your right and say this prayer.

    (Name) you are not a bitter or angry person. I bless you with a spirit of forgiveness. May you have more energy, more wisdom, and a new mind this year. Amen.

    After you finish up, plan who you’re gonna invite to the Super Bowl of Preaching.


That list of stuff that you’re holding on to? Yeah. You’re not done with it yet.

Keep it with you this week and every time your mind drifts to one of those things—write it down. See how much energy you spend on that list this week. And if you’re ready, consider choosing forgiveness and freedom. Just saying it out loud between you and God has power. Give it a try.

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Jan 26, 2019

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