Ehud and the Fat King

A spy, a fat king, and a disappearing sword. It’s all espionage, belly-stabbing, and poop saving the day in this incredible story from the Old...

Judah and the Lyin'

Two dead guys, prostitute costumes, and seducing your father-in-law. Yeah, that’s a Bible story. And underneath the rocky exterior, it says something incredible about God....

Boy Band Breakups

Still blame Yoko for the Beatles breakup? Wait till you get a load of John Mark. But beneath the abandonment and knock-down-drag-outs, you’ll find an...

Balaam's Talking Donkey

A mercenary prophet, talking pack animals, and the dire consequences of fitting God into your plans. This amazing story from the Old Testament paints an...

It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Dragons? Beasts? Demon Frogs? We’re jumping to the last book of the Bible for a little jaunt through Armageddon. Think Revelation is confusing? You’re right....

Spirit Stories - Extended Teaser

Spirit Stories - a storytelling podcast where everyday people share their close encounters with the spiritual - premieres on Saturday, June 9. Get a sneak...

“They Just Started Barking”

A mission trip. A cry for help. And a response no one could have anticipated. This is Daniel’s spirit story.

“Stand Up And Turn Around”

Lost in a dangerous jungle, rescue came from some incredibly unlikely sources. This is Sharon’s spirit story.

“There’s Something Here That Doesn’t Need To Be Here”

Prepare to forget everything you learned from watching The Exorcist. This is Deeter’s spirit story.

“I Think There’s A Reason God Gave Me That Dream”

A clock, a bridge, and a dream packed with meaning. This is Luke’s spirit story.

“I Don’t Need A Spirit To Protect Me”

After experiencing a seance, the struggle to overcome fear was crushing. But freedom was coming. This is Janie’s spirit story.

“A Real Workhorse”

The inexplicable power of prayer crashes into the city of New Orleans. This is Sean’s spirit story.

“Angels As Far As I Could See”

A weekend camping trip became an unexpected visit into the spirit realm. This is Kristin’s spirit story.

“I Was Standing Between The Devil And My Son”

A father enters the spirit realm to defend his son against the ultimate enemy. This is Michael’s spirit story.

“Are You Talking About Natalie?”

Following unthinkable tragedy, comfort appeared in a most unexpected way. This is Bryan’s spirit story.

“I Just Hope Everything’s OK”

A dream. A monster. And an unlikely ally. This is Rob’s spirit story.

“They Cancelled The Surgery”

When the call came, there was only one thing he could do. This is Hayden’s spirit story.

“A Scared Rabbit”

When cornered, the demon of anxiety didn’t appear as expected. This is Micah’s spirit story.

“Where is Jesus Right Now?”

The power of Jesus to heal isn’t limited to just the present; in fact, it’s more than ready to move into the past. This is...

“The Whispers Of God”

A word of prophecy and promise for today, taken from a book written thousands of years ago. This is Usha’s spirit story.

“Right In Front Of Me, God Just Did A Thing”

Out of town, and facing an emergency medical situation, the prayer of a skeptic became the only option. This is Tim’s spirit story.

“Have You Picked Out A Name Yet?”

Prayer, prophecy, and grey eyes. This is Daniel’s spirit story.

Listener Submitted Stories

We asked and you responded. These are your spirit stories.